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This is a digital quality DVD on "The Art of Roll Forming" using a variety of PEXTO hand rotary machines.  Explained in the DVD are instructions on forming a "Wire Edge",  "Set-down Seam", "Double Seaming", and "Beading".

Machines used in this instructional  video include:  

  • Pexto 544 Rotary
  • Pexto 622 Rotary
  • Pexto 644 Double Seaming
  • Pexto Ring & Circle Shear
  • Pexto 561 Setting Down Machine 
  • Pexto 620 Rotary


 In this video you will learn how to make a tin can using all of the above tools and forming the listed seams and beads. If you own one of these machines you will want to own this DVD. There is very little printed instructions on how to actually use these rotary formers. Now you can sit back in your easy chair and watch how it is done....right on your own TV. Each step is listed on the DVD menu screen so you can jump right to the step you want to view.


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After several requests from our satisfied customers, the sequel to "The Art of Roll Forming" is now available for purchase!  You can check out "The Art of Metal Forming" by clicking HERE.

 Want to order both volumes, "The Art of Roll Forming" and "The Art of Metal Forming"  Order both and SAVE ! 

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Revised: March 09, 2021